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Coachbroker coaches

All our coaches are qualified executive coaches with varied experience and expertise. Coaches pass through a comprehensive selection process managed by our Director of Coaching, who is a member of the board and the senior executive team.

We require the following minimum standard of entry to the Coachbroker pool:

a minimum of 50 hours of coach-specific training

five referee statements submitted with full contact details

one year minimum coaching experience

insurance cover (professional indemnity and public liability)

proven business experience

acceptance of Coachbroker's terms and the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.

Our coaches set their own service rates (based on the 15 session program). This rate is based on experience and market forces, and may be adjusted at any time. Through a simple input screen in the Coachbroker™ system, coaches can adjust their rate for each contract. And they can update personal records by entering the system's confidential 'Coach' section.

We email coaches to advise them of all new Coachbroker contracts, asking them to register to supply services to these clients. Each notification will advise any maximum program fee (if set by the client) and show the coach's current program rate against each new contract.

Coaches have the option to adjust their rate for each client or to decline entry into a particular selection pool. To assist coaches with market pricing, all contracts remain available within the system.